White Choc Almond Cherry Bark

We take perfectly roasted almonds and dried tart cherries and fold them into white Belgian chocolate and spread it out to crystalize (set up). Once set up we break it into pieces and pile it high on a platter for sale. Online, we package it in 1/4 lb sealed bags.

  • Chocolate Care Instructions

    Chocolate is very finiky and sensitive to temperature. It also absorbs fragrances and the oders around it. The ideal temperature for chocolate is 65 degrees and 51% relative humidity. That being said, Please don't refridgerate or freeze chocolate. It changes the mouthfeel of the chocolate and that in turn changes the flavor because it no longer melts smoothly on your tongue. Chocolate is at its best when stored in a sealed zip-lock bag nearest to the proper temperature you can. You buy it fresh, eat it fresh!