Raspberry Sorbet

Our Raspberry Sorbet is just tart enough to put a little tickle in your cheek! So full of flavor. We process the whole berry, seeds and all. Not to knock fresh berries, but frozen berries can be picked at their peak of ripeness and flash frozen. They don't have to be picked just ripe enough to survive shipping. Thats why frozen berries are the best choice for sorbet. This pairs very well with the chocolate sorbet and my favorite combo, Raspberry and Pineapple!


Sold in one pint styrofoam containers, individual serving Lg Cup and Sm Cup sizes, please choose below.


If you would like to split this with one other Sorbet, please select from the list below, otherwise, select "DO NOT SPLIT".


All come with lids, cups come with spoons.


Pint - $11.00

Large Cup - $6.00

Small Cup - $4.00