OMG Mint Cream Gelato

I would like to split my Gelato with...

First off, if you dislike mint at all, you will NOT like this! This is for mint lovers! We use Triple Distilled Pure Peppermint Extract. It is sharp, crisp and strong. To bump it up a bit, we fold in little bits of our OMG Mint Buttercream! Last but not least is a stracciatella of dark Belgian chocolate. This pairs very well with our Chocolate Fudge Swirl.


  • Sold in One Pint containers   $11.00
  • Individual Large Cup serving   $6.00
  • Individual Small Cup serving   $4.00


If you would like to split this flavor with one other gelato, please select from the list, otherwise, select "DO NOT SPLIT" and you will get a whole cup of a single flavor! Yum either way!


All come with lids, individual cups come with spoons.