Horchata - Yum Pop!

Horchata - Yum Pop!

Horchata is a Mexican drink featuring rice milk and cinnamon. We make our own rice milk for the pop, swirl in a lot of cinnamon and a touch of heavy cream to make it a bit more smooth.

  • What are Yum Pops!?

    Yum Pops! are delicious frozen gourmet ice pops! Fashioned after Mexican Paletas, packed full of fruit and flavor!


    Some pops are fruit pops, some pops have milk/dairy. Some are made with fruit juice, some are made with pureed fruit. Some have sorbet added for a different texture, or have a fruit coulis swirled throughout, yogurt, sourcream... each different, all of them delicious! 


    Be sure to keep them in a very cold freezer if you are storing them at home!

  • Ingredients:

    Gluten Free


    Water, rice, sugar, cream, vanilla, cinnamon, salt