Doberge Cake - 8"

A very famous cake of New Orleans invented by Beulah Levy Ledner in the 1930's. The recipe is a published one, though I got my copy from a friend of mine who got it from Beulah's grandson when she lived in New Orleans.


8 layers of vanilla cake, 9 layers of chocolate pudding, frosted with chocolate buttercream with a chocolate fudge icing poured over the top of the whole thing. Decorated with a chocolate fleur-de-lis and a few 24k gold flakes.


Best to keep in the fridge, let the cake or slices sit out at room temperature for 30 minutes or so to warm up. Microwave for 10 seconds? Sure! Melts the buttercream a bit, but that isn't a bad thing either!


Sold as an 8" cake only. Its tall, its heavy, it feeds a lot