Classic Vanilla Mallows

Classic Vanilla Mallows

Our Vanilla Mallow recipe has been the same for years, why mess with a good thing? Super soft, silky, I would say its the best mallow I've tasted.... I could be a bit biased, but good is good. We use pure Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, and a lot of it! Have you seen Vanilla prices lately? ouch! These are perfect for plopping on top of a piping hot cup of our Hot Choca! Check out our bulk bags! Most likely you'll just snack 'em right out of the bag! I won't mention our chocolate dipped marshmallows.....


5oz Pkg

  • Important Information

    Our Marshmallows are not filled with stabilizers or fillers of any kind, they are fresh, and being fresh, should be eaten that way! Don't store them, save them or cherrish them forevery... EAT THEM. Then buy more fresh ones!

    Serioursly though... about a 2 week shelf life depending on storage/temperature. They will start to get "crystally" kinda crunchy and not in a good way, kills the smoothness. Keep them air tight, fridge is too cold and 80 is too hot.