Chocolate Decadence Sorbet

I once had a lady try it, promptly expell it into her hand, yell at me saying she told me she can't have dairy, and ran out the door angry. I tried explaining....but, that's another story.  We make it in house.... I know it does not have dairy in it.... It's just that good. So good. Crazy good. Definately dark, not sugary sweet at all and finishes dry like black tea or a dry red wine. This is amazing paired with Raspberry Sorbet. It also makes for a nice cold chocolate sauce drizzle over cake or strawberries!


Sold in one pint styrofoam containers, individual serving Lg Cup and Sm Cup sizes, please choose below.


If you would like to split this with one other Sorbet, please select from the list below, otherwise, select "DO NOT SPLIT".


All come with lids, cups come with spoons.


Pint - $11.00

Large Cup - $6.00

Small Cup - $4.00