Chocolate Sherbet

If our Chocolate Sorbet is too intense for you, and our Chocolate Gelato is too sweet, then you will be happy to know this is the perfect middle ground. Still not as sweet as gelato, still on the dry side, but more of a cocoa dry as the cream takes the edge off and adds a nice fluffiness to the Sherbet.


Sold in one pint styrofoam containers, individual serving Lg Cup and Sm Cup sizes, please choose below.


If you would like to split this with one other Sorbet, please select from the list below, otherwise, select "DO NOT SPLIT".


All come with lids, cups come with spoons.


Pint - $11.00

Large Cup - $6.00

Small Cup - $4.00




Sherbet vs Sorbet: Sherbet has dairy, either milk or cream, and Sorbet has NO dairy whatsoever.