Chocolate Fudge Gelato

I would like to split my Gelato with...

Our chocolate gelato packs a serious chocolate punch. The Fudge Ribbon is swirled in as soon as the gelato is out of the machine. Sometimes the swirl stays in, sometimes it disappears. But the flavor is always there! Honestly, chocolate icecream was never something I ordered. I love our Chocolate Fudge Swirl Gelato!


  • Sold in One Pint containers   $11.00
  • Individual Large Cup serving   $6.00
  • Individual Small Cup serving   $4.00


If you would like to split this flavor with one other gelato, please select from the list, otherwise, select "DO NOT SPLIT" and you will get a whole cup of a single flavor! Yum either way!


All come with lids, individual cups come with spoons.