Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pucks

These are the same classic Chocolate Chip cookie we sell baked in the shop. Just the right amout of chocolate chips, not too many! Some people say the more the better, but at some point it becomes a chocolate cookie. Chocolate chip cookies are a sugar butter cookie with chocolate chips. I like enough chocolate to be prominent, but not cover the buttery brown sugar flavors. We flatten the cookie dough balls to aid in more even baking. Bake frozen, no need to thaw. I guarantee if you thaw the dough, you'll just eat it! We don't recommend that, its made with raw eggs...

  • A note on our frozen products and baking

    All of our frozen products are put in our blast freezer within minutes of cutting, rolling, shaping and traying. We set our blast freezer to -80 degrees, that's 80 degrees below zero, things tend to freeze rather quickly! This allows for a fresher and better looking product! Each item comes with its own parchment square for induvidual baking. 

    Please adjust baking times to your own oven! The instructions that come with each of our frozen products is based on a convection oven, which most people have these days. Even many toaster ovens are convection or have that option. The standard rule is set a still oven at 25 degrees more than a convection oven. If you have a recipe you usually bake in a still oven, you would lower the temperature by 25 degrees if using a convection oven. Chocolate Chip cookies cook at 350 degrees in a still oven, and 325 degrees in a convection oven. Convection ovens work by forcing hot air around inside your oven which aids in quicker cooking and more even browning. The swirling air is "hotter" than non moving air. Still turn your items 1/2 way through and always bake in the center of your oven for best results (your product is in the center of the oven, not just the shelf in the center spot!