Cardamom Hot Choca!

Basically, this is our Original Hot Choca with finely ground cardamom blended in with the chocolate. Its my favorite. Cardamom is so wonderful in chocolate of any kind. I have to give a shout out to Vimala Rajendran of Vimala's Curryblossom Cafe in Chapel Hill for giving me a cardamom brownie many years ago! Vimala was one of the first people I met when I moved to Hillsborough from Florida!


Don't forget the Marshmallows!

  • Wholesale Available

    Please Contact us if you are interested in serving our Hot Choca in your Cafe, Coffee House, Espresso Bar, Tea House, Pub, Bar, Bistro or Restaurant.  Our Hot Choca! Make at home bags and Marshmallows are available for wholesale as well. Great retail products for gift shops!

  • What is Hot Choca?

    Hot Choca is a proprietary recipe, powdered mix we make in house that you can use at home to make delicious hot chocolate!

    Why call it Hot Choca? Because its part Hot Chocolate, part Hot Cocoa! Hot Chocolate is made from bar chocolate, Hot Cocoa is made from cocoa powder. Each is delicious in its own right, but combining both gives you the entire flavor profile of chocolate in one steamy cup!  Pure Belgian chocolate is blended right into the mix along with Belgian Cocoa. Its great made with hot water and even better with hot milk, or make it truly sinful with heavy cream! You can also play around with adjusting the amount of mix you use. Since we use cornstarch as a non-caking agent, you can heat it on the stove and it will thicken a little bit more because of the starch. We use an emersion blender in house for making the best frothy hot chocolate around! Now you can too!

    I've had reports of people eating the powder by the spoonful, sprinkling it on ice cream, stirring into hot coffee, used to make ice cream, frosting and cake fillings! Awesome ideas! Well, not sure about eating it by the spoonful....