Almond Stracciatella Gelato

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Stracciatella means "little shred" in Italian. It describes the way the chocolate is drizzled onto the soft gelato and whipped in quickly, creating little bits of irregular "shredded" chocolate before it sets to cure. The base of the gelato is candied almond. Does not contain bits of nuts. Here is a Wikipedia link to Stracciatella if you would like to learn more about the word.


  • Sold in One Pint containers   $11.00
  • Individual Large Cup serving   $6.00
  • Individual Small Cup serving   $4.00


If you would like to split this flavor with one other gelato, please select from the list, otherwise, select "DO NOT SPLIT" and you will get a whole cup of a single flavor! Yum either way!


All come with lids, individual cups come with spoons.