What day is it?

Greetings all who read this... Just like all of you, my life is all weird now too. Not in the way I thought it would be. I like my alone time, I'm very much a homebody. I love my garden, pets and projects so being alone at home is no big deal. I'm enjoying getting to some projects for sure, but its hard not having something to drive you, appointments, employees, customers.

I miss not kvetching about god-knows-what with who ever is standing in front of me, be it customer or employee! As my employees are not here now, I am having to do everything and there is a lot to do for such a small business! Its amazing how one person helping can help you get WAY more done than you can by yourself. The weird thing about doing all this myself, is that there isn't anyone to talk and laugh with while you are doing all those little jobs. Its an odd feeling knowing nobody is here but me. And, it makes it much harder to want to come downtown to do them! There isn't anyone to bounce ideas off of, nobody to remind me of what I'm forgetting to do! No one to make crazy with my meanderings and constant poking and prodding! That crumpled piece of paper on the floor is still there when I come back in! UGH! I love the quiet at home, I hate the quiet in my shop.

Usually this week I'd be crazy with chocolate making as Graduations, Teacher Appreciation Week and Mother's Day all fall in the same week, or close to it. None of those things on their own are huge for me, but all three together give me a nice boost into summer..... so I guess we are going backwards into summer this year! I'm not even upset or stressed because who isn't in this same boat? This boat being like bumper boats! Small, individual boats without paddles! Canoes maybe! Everyone bumping into each other crammed together on the waves with no guidance, no light tower, no fog horn, no leadership. Only banners made in China.

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