My First Blog Post!

Today is........what day is it? they are all a blur.

Today is April 9, 100 PV (post virus) at 4:36 am. As the suns morning rays are reaching closer to the horizon, the last bit of cocoa color is crystallizing in the molds waiting for its final coat of chocolate before filling and packaging for Friday's pre-orders. Why did I remember Easter was on the 21st? Ugh. With all that is going on I never considered looking it up again. Yeah, well...

The new website is going to be a good thing. Pre-ordering online and picking up on Fri or Sat gives me a sense of foundation again, something I can stand on build from without the feeling of falling sideways through the day. Hey, that could be a song lyric! I'm enjoying the challenge of the website, its quite a learning curve. My brain does not think in a linear fashion. Its more of a tilt-a-whirl with a short in the wiring.

Customers messaging me with sales ideas and concern is really heart-warming, the Hillsborough Peeps are awesome Peeps! Peeps! I was going to try to make marshmallow Peeps this year! crap. Oh well. I really hope the downtown can pull out of this. We stand to lose a lot of long standing businesses if this goes wrong. There needs to be financial relief for the people that own these buildings. How can we pay rent when there isn't enough coming in to cover anything but immediate needs? How can they manage with no money coming in for rent? Who is going to rent the buildings if everyone has to leave? Will the top 1% own every home, every business, all the land, farms, electric companies, every single persons soul?

Enough of that. I think online ordering is going to be a long lasting by-product of this virus. I have fingers crossed and praying to which ever God/ess will listen! Mother nature is shaking the fleas off her back! I hope this really makes people sit and realize how screwed up things are. Money. Money. Money. If you have it, nobody can touch you.... but the virus can.

It may not be a good thing to turn me loose with a blog unsupervised! Muahahahahaha. Oh, I can't spell, my grammar is most likely wrong and it is what it is.

I'm exhuasted.... will try to post this...... but maybe tomorrow....... <winky face>

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